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Help Support Castille’s Amazing Enrichment Programs

In order to pay for the fabulous programs offered at Castille, we need to your helpWe have Three main fundraisers this year.    

The Fall Boosterthon Fun Run, Parent Party, and the Spring Auction were chosen because of the fun and community building environment they bring, as well as their earning potential.

Castille PTA uses all monies raised to support the following programs, as well as others. (The amount listed is the dollar amount needed for one school year.)

Music for Grades K-3 = $18,000.00

P.E. = 12,000.00

Meet the Masters = $8000.00

Field Trip Transportation = $4000.00

Assemblies = $5000.00

Walk Through California Assembly = $1500.00

Walk Through American Revolution = $1500.00

Reading Counts = $2000.00

Science Day = $2000.00

These are just a few examples of how your contribution is used.

Please help us continue to pay for our amazing programs by supporting the Boosterthon, Party Party and Spring Auction.

Thank you for enriching the lives of our Coyotes! – Castille PTA 2018-19

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Earn FREE Money for Castille

Want an easy way to earn funds for Castille?  These top choices directly fund activities for you child such as Art, Assemblies, Coyote with Character, and several other great programs.  The best part......these programs operate all year round and are FREE to you.  Want to help?  Just click the link below to find out more.

Free Money For Castille

Help our Awesome Coyotes!

Castille PTA Thanks its 2019 Parent Party Sponsors

Castille PTA Thanks its 2018 Fun Run Sponsors!