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October 8, 2018

Dear Parents,

What a beautiful weekend.  It is almost beginning to feel like fall. 


Reminder- Thursdays are our Library days…so please remind your child to bring back their book each Thursday. 


Sorry about the last minute switch on the Meet the Masters schedule last week. We will be having our in class lesson this week on Monday, October 8 from 9-10. Thanks for the sign-up sheet from our room mom, Laurie Rodriguez.


We started reading groups this week and the kids are doing great. We just finished the book HOLES, which most kiddos really enjoyed. They should have taken the Reading Counts quiz and received 12 points for this. We are currently reading a short book titled Sarah, Plain and Tall. It is about a family in Kansas about 150 years ago who lost their mother. The father places an ad for a new wife  and mother. It is a very sweet story with lots of figurative language and an opportunity for an opinion writing. This also has Reading Counts points.



Field Trip Form-Mission San Juan Capistrano- Field Trip

The fourth graders will be going to the Mission on Monday, October 22nd  from approximately 9:00-1:30.  You received a field trip permission last Thursday in the CC folder. Please sign the form and return it to me as soon as possible.   If you would like to accompany the class and help supervise a group of students at Mission San Juan Capistrano on Monday, October 22, please email me. You must be a Tier 1 cleared volunteer to be an official volunteer.  Any parents who would like to join us on the trip may meet us at the mission’s main gate and pay the entrance fee. If you have not been to the mission, I encourage you to join our guided tour.  Each year I have about 10-12 additional parents meet the group and come around with us. 


Parent Conference Slip

Thank you to the parents who have already sent back their parent conference slip from their CC folder.  Hopefully these times still work.  If not, I will see about getting you a time that works better.


Autumn Speech

On Wednesday, November 7, the students will recite their Autumn poems.  Directions will be sent home in this week’s Coyote Connection. Your child may bring in relevant props to enhance his/her presentation. Students will learn several types of poems and then will write their own poem.  The only requirement is that it is at least 8 lines long. The poem must be provided to the teacher at the time of the speech. This should be typed and printed with either a hand drawing or clip art as well. Students will be given some time to work on this assignment in class, but it might not be enough time to completely finish. Students in each grade level should strive to get a “3” on their report card in each area and a “4” is usually not possible.   There is an opportunity to earn a “4” in expression  with this assignment by bringing props, use distinct voices, or memorizing the poem (choose a significantly longer poem to recite).



Sprit Wear Update

Spirit Wear orders will be delivered by next Tuesday, Oct. 9th. We are holding our 1st Spirit Day contest of the year on Wednesday, October 10th!! Wear your spirit wear, old or new, and let’s see whose classes will get to keep the coveted coyotes in their classrooms all month. J



The FSEA (Future Scientists and Engineers of America) assembly is this Tuesday, October 9th.  If your child is interested in participating in this program, he/she may request a form, complete it, and return it to school by 2:00pm on October 12th. Late applications will not be accepted.  Only 30 students are accepted, so filling out the form completely and writing a convincing paragraph(s) on why he/she wants to be an FSEA member will greatly benefit your child.  FSEA class will meet on Tuesdays from 2:05-3:00.  The students will find out on Friday, October 19th.


The Boosterthon Kick-Off Event and huddles begin this week. Our Fun Run time is Friday, October 19 from 1:00-2:00 for the fourth and fifth graders. We hope you can join us and cheer on Beachcombers.  The kids are excited about the color run.  Look for information to come home on Wednesday/Thursday to have student sign up on-line. 


Online Programs:

The students are now using Typing Agent and Ticket to Read in the classroom several mornings a week. They will also be expected to use these programs at home as part of their weekly assignments. When using Ticket to Read, students should be reading passages, not playing games on the computer. By the end of the trimester (October 26), students are expected to have reached these grade level goals:

                   Ticket to Read:     Completion of 12 passages

                   Typing Agent:        Unit 2 completed and all lessons passed (3 stars)

                   Reading Counts:     30 points (progress will be sent home on Thursday)



Booster Club

I sent the original forms in last week, but will be submitting any new donations soon.  I sent home a reminder form in last week’s CC folder in case you had been distracted and forgot to send in your donation.  Thank you for sending those back in.  We have about 25 of them returned so far.


PTA MySchoolAnywhere

Our PTA is going green! In this week’s Coyote Connection, you will receive directions on Castille’s new MySchoolAnywhere website/app. Instead of receiving paper and flyer notifications of upcoming events in the Coyote Connection, you can find everything you need on this one website/app. You choose what is displayed and what notifications you want to receive. Read the flyer to find out more information about this new exciting app.


Room Parents

In this week’s CC folder, we will be sending home a room parent slip.  Laurie Rodriguez (Amanda), Maria Carillo (Natalia) and Susan Scholl (Luca) will

be our room parents!


Picture Proofs (Last call):

Your child received his/her picture proof from School Picture Day last week. This year, you will order online. The online directions were written on the proof. Even if you do not purchase the photos, please choose the yearbook pose online. All pose selections and orders are due by October 11.


National Walk to School Day

On Wednesday, October 10th, we will have National Walk to School Day.  It would be great to see even more families joining us at the 7-11 shopping center for our walk.  We leave at 7:30 in the morning.  I am there every week, but this is one of our biggest days.



Reading Groups :

Mondays: Mrs. Saatchi (Lily) and Mrs. Burchielli (Luca)

Wednesdays: Mrs. Ashton(Colin), Mrs. Krinsky (Jacob) and Mrs. Ilg- e/o (Riley)


Thursdays-Mrs. Rodriguez (Amanda)

Fridays Mrs. Lekousis (Gabriella) and Mrs. Rogers (Jackson)



Language Arts




This week the students will write to the following prompt:

            Do you think the government portrayed in “Stanley’s Release” does a good job protecting the rights of its citizens?  Write and opinion essay in which you answer the question, using details and evidence from “Stanley’s Release” to support your opinion.


We will write and edit this writing on our Chromebooks this week. 


The students will be given their next set of words this week for their Spelling Test on Tuesday, October 16.  Here are the new words:

  1. admitted
  2. crocodile
  3. gigantic
  4. lying
  5. ordinary
  6. right
  7. sixty-six
  8. terrified


This week the students completed most of the concepts from Unit 1 Week 3.  We will begin the second unit of Benchmark Advanced.  Later this week and next  the students will read “The Gnat and the Lion”/ “The Gnat and the Bull”, “Snow White Meets the Huntsman”, and “Melamut the Crocodile.”  Here are the main tasks we will focus on

  1. Characters Action and Reactions
  2. Identifying Key details and Summarize
  3. Describe Characters, Drawing on Details in the text
  4. Understand and Use Words that Signal States of Being
  5. Make Connections Between a Story and a Read-Aloud Play
  6. Figurative Language- Similes
  7. Read and Analyze a Narrative Prompt
  8. Reread to Find Text Evidence
  9. Plan a Narrative Text: Dialogue
  10. Introduce Long I (VCe, igh, y, ie, i) and Short I
  11. Compare and Contrast Fables and Fairy Tales




In math, the students will be learning additional ways to multiply 1 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers.  This will include the place value method, the algebraic notation method, and the shortcut method. 


In the weeks to come, the students will start multiplying 1 digit by 3 digit numbers, 1 digit by 4 digit, and then begin double digit by double digit.  For students who have not been practicing their math facts, you will see many errors being made.  Please take time to review their work and look for mistakes.  The beauty of the online assignment is the students get immediate feedback.  The quicker an error can be corrected, the less likely it is to be repeated. 


Students should now be able to show you their assignments on-line as well.  We have started doing the assignments through “Math Expressions”. 

Lesson 1          Monday           Arrays and Area Models (Completed)

Lesson 2         Tuesday          Place Value and Multiplication(Completed)

Lesson 3         Wednesday    Mental Math and Multiplication(Completed)

Lesson 4         Thursday        1 digit by 2 digit multiplication(Completed)

Lesson 5         Monday           Estimate Products

Lesson 6         Tuesday          Use Place Value to Multiply

Lesson 7         Wednesday    Algebraic Notation Method

Lesson 8         Thursday        Compare Methods of One Digit by Two-Digit Multiplication




If your student has not learned their multiplication facts by mid-October, they will have a difficult time understanding some of the 4th grade math.  I cannot stress the importance of this as I constantly speak to parents at conference time that their child is now starting to struggle and they did not take advantage of this time with less homework.  


Social Studies


In social studies this week, the students will continue their study of Native Californians. They will go from the region perspective to the tribe perspective.

Your child will be participating in the Walk Through California program next week. He/She was given an expert card last week and was told to research the answer to the question, as well as memorize the definition. I will be quizzing the kids this week to see if they have answered the question. Your child should have shared his/her expert word, definition, and answer to the question with you. Our time is:

          Gebert’s Group:         Monday, October 15 from 8:00 -10:45

You are invited to watch the interactive assembly for your child but don’t feel pressured to attend. (We usually have about 4 parents attend.) Costumes are completely optional and are not intended to be purchased – please don’t stress about this! (I do mention this because in 5th grade the students do dress up for this and many students want to dress up in 4th grade as well)  In the past, students have demonstrated their creativity by making costumes out of poster board, boxes, and even PVC pipe.  If your child does not make a costume, we encourage him/her to dress in western attire.


Physical Education


This week we will start square dancing with the 4th grade students.  This is a big undertaking!  Many of the students are hesitant at first, but absolutely love it. 


PE will typically be on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please have your child wear appropriate PE clothing. If it is too hot outside or we have rain, we will have PE in the den, in the classroom, or in the morning.


Thank you to all the parents who have been sending their students with water bottles on PE days.  I remind students, but I appreciate the help as well.  When we are outside, we are moving!!!




Students will have to make a decision on their music class this week.  (Flyer was sent home on Friday.)  If your student does not want to commit to practicing regularly, I would suggest they go into regular music.  For some students whose parents push them into taking this class, they tend to leave their instrument behind and not pay close attention in class which causes them to not want to practice at home.  For some students they need an additional year to become more responsible.  Ultimately, the parents will need to sign a permission form in the next two weeks on what the decision will be.


If you have a specific question about the strings class, our two music teachers are:

Michelle Brunton at;

Chad Cunningham at


Students can bring instruments if they have one starting on Friday, October 12th.  If you are still securing an instrument, do not worry about having it on the first day. 


Upcoming Events/ Announcements
Important Dates Through November

Monday, October 8              Counselor Lesson in class

                                                Meet the Masters in class lesson

Thursday, October 9-18:    Students Huddles for Booster-thon Run

Wednesday, October 10:    National Walk to School Day

Monday, October 15:                       Walk Thru California assembly (On campus Field Trip)

Friday, October 19:             Castille Booster-thon Run (1:00-2:00 for our class)

Saturday, October 20:        Mission Viejo Walk Against Drugs- 8am at Mission High


Monday October 22-26:      Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 22:           Marathon Club Starts (Mondays and Thursdays)

                                                Field Trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano

Wednesday, October 24:    First Reading Counts Assembly

Castille Night at Pumpkin City

Thursday, October 25:        Disaster Drill 10:20-11:00

Wednesday, October 31:    Halloween Parade at morning assembly

Monday, October 29-31:     Minimum days- 12:15 dismissal for Parent Conferences

Thursday, November 1:       No school for Parent Conferences

Friday, November 2:                        Minimum day- 12:15 dismissal for Parent Conferences

Tuesday, November 6:         Election Day

Wednesday, November 8:   Coyote with Character Assembly- Respect

                                                Coffee with the Principal

Monday, November 12:        Veteran’s Day- No School

Wednesday, November 14: Veteran’s Day assembly

November 17-25:                  Fall Recess (Thanksgiving week)

November 26-30:                 Book Fair

Monday, November 26:        Counselor Lesson

                                                MTM Assembly

Tuesday, November 27:       PTA Meeting

Wednesday, November 28: Dads with Donuts

                                                Reading Counts Assembly



Have a great week,
Mrs. Gebert

“Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.” – Laurence Sterne

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