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Cori Giacchino

Welcome to the Tree Huggers' Third Grade Class!

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Hot Off the Press

Dear Parents,



Friday’s Winter Wonderland Family Fun Night was festive and fun! It was wonderful to see many of our Tree Hugger families.  The silent auction baskets were so beautifully organized and raised a lot of money for our school. Thank you to all those who participated.


Caring is the December character trait at Castille. In last week’s Coyote Connection, information was sent home describing several ways your family can show caring at Castille.

  • Monday, December 10 through Friday, December 14 – Winter Grams will be sold by Student Council. Each gram costs 50 cents and will be delivered with a hard candy stick, taffy, slime, butter mints, or glitter sticky hands (buyers will choose).  Grams will be delivered the week of December 17.
  • Annual Adopt-a-Family Drive takes place December 10 through December 14. Please consider stopping by and choosing a gift tag for a family in need. Wrap the gift and return it with the original tag by Wednesday, December 19.
  • Winter “Hats On” Day is Thursday, December 20. Wear your favorite winter hat to school on Thursday, December 20. Student Council will collect a $1 donation from each student for the charity of Friends of Kids with Cancer. While all students may wear hats to school, we hope you will support this cause with a small $1 donation.


Progress Report


In last week’s Coyote Connection, you should have seen your child’s progress report for our online programs and timed tests. Please help your child plan his/her weekly goals in order to achieve the expectations by March 1. If your child has already met the Ticket to Read or Reading Counts goal, please encourage him/her to continue working on the programs. They will prove to be very beneficial.


In this week’s Coyote Connection, I will send home a Reading Counts report and an SRI (lexile) progress report. We are taking the SRI assessment tomorrow morning.

Winter Poem

The winter poem is due this Friday. All third graders are required to find a winter poem on the Internet or write one themselves (with a theme such as snow, skating, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, etc.). The poem must be written neatly on the blue paper that was sent home. The student is expected to color the paper and turn the finished product in by Friday, December 14. I will make a copy for him/her to take home. All students will recite their poems the week of December 17. Please have your child practice the poem many times. On the back of the poem directions, you will find the oral presentation rubric that will be used in class. Students must memorize the poem and use expression when reciting it. Props are allowed, if your child would like to use them. Students must turn in their poem if they want to participate in next Monday’s classroom store.


Our first classroom “store” will be Monday, December 17. I am not asking for donations for our store. I have been buying clearance and sale items over the past few months, and I have some leftover items from last year. Additionally, we will have a small auction for special privileges prior to the store. (I usually auction off Sitting at the Teacher’s Desk for the Day, Lunch with the Teacher, and other opportunities. The highest bidder wins!)


Third Grade Winter Wonderland Read-in Morning

Thursday morning, December 20 is our informal Winter Wonderland Read-In Event. This event is only occurring in third grade; it is not a schoolwide event. I have an extensive collection of seasonal books that I will bring from home, and students will spend the entire morning reading (and taking Reading Counts quizzes). Family members are welcome to read with their child or with a small group of children. I typically have about a dozen parents or grandparents that attend. We do not perform; we simply read. 

You may stay for 15 minutes or the whole morning. It’s completely up to you. Please remember to sign in at the office prior to coming into the classroom. Shutterfly sign-ups will be available soon to help with food donations. We will need donations of hot cocoa, mini marshmallows, whipped cream, cups, etc.

Language Arts

The students will be reading stories with the Essential Question “How can people help animals survive?” Their vocabulary words include: caretakers, survive, recognize, resources, population, threatened, success, and relatives.


They will also be learning about suffixes and possessive nouns.


In writing this week, students will continue working on their opinion essays. They have read a factual article about gifts and have decided whether it is more fun to give or to receive gifts. Students are expected to cite evidence by directly quoting from the article. They also need to personalize the essay by adding their own reasons and explanations to support the quote.

Spellingcity should be completed by this Wednesday night. The test is on Thursday.


In math this week, students are learning addition strategies such as decomposing a number using place value methods, compensation of addends, place value representation proof drawings, and the traditional algorithm. Timed tests will continue this week. Congratulations to our four mathematicians who have mastered all of the facts. Several other students are close to finishing. 

Upcoming Events:

Mon., Dec. 10-14:                   Winter Grams Sold at Recess by Student Council (50¢ each)

Wednesday, Dec. 12:             Spirit Wear Competition

Friday, December 14:           Winter Poem Due

Monday, December 17:         Lockdown/Fire Drill (8:00)

                                                Classroom Store (12:10-1:00)

                                                Winter Poem Presentations (Monday-Thursday)

Wednesday, December 19:   Reading Counts Assembly

Thursday, December 20:      Hats On Day (Donate $1 for Kids with Cancer)

                                                Winter Wonderland Read-in Morning (3rd grade only)

Friday, December 21:           Student-free Day (Winter Break begins)

Monday, January 7:              Students return to school



Have a great week,

Mrs. Giacchino

Quote of the week:

 It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  – Mother Teresa

Cori Giacchino Locker


Monday:  READ. SPELLINGCITY: start now...finish by Wednesday night! WINTER POEM: due this Friday. Remember to color the final copy paper neatly. Your spelling and stanzas need to be correct. MATH: work on your facts. Homework and Remembering book page 189 or Math Expressions online assignment. GRAMS are being sold this week at recess. They are 50 cents each.