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Donna Smiggs




I am proud to say I have been a Castille fifth grade teacher for 20 years. Castille is a great place to work and a fantastic place to go to school. The staff is professional, positive, and highly dedicated. The PTA is incredibly supportive and parent volunteers abound!


Prior to coming to Castille, I  graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in sociology and political science.  I have two children of my own:  Sidney (21) and Kassie (17).  Both of my daughters are about to embark on their senior year of college and high school, respectively.  In our free time, my family and I enjoy the outdoors while spending time in the ocean swimming and out in the desert on dirt-bike riding adventures and hiking.  Overall, we appreciate spending time with each other, our extended family, and close friends. 


Teaching is my passion!  Philosophically, I believe learning to be a process not an event.  It is a process that takes place on the field during P.E., on the playground during recess, and in the classroom during academic instruction.  I strive to create a classroom environment conducive to learning.  Students should feel comfortable articulating their thoughts, expressing confusion, and making mistakes.  The classroom should be a place where team spirit is genuine, and yet, individuality is celebrated.  In short, my goal is to produce a 5th grade memorable experience of learning which is thought of fondly for years to come.


Once a Smigglitt, always a Smigglitt!

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