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5th Grade OSS

Look at the Snow!

Notes from Mrs. Lyon

Tuesday Update

Hi Parents!

Your kids are having a wonderful winter experience up at camp for sure! Nearly a foot of snow fell last night. You should see the photos I've posted on Instagram, Facebook and our school website. The scenery is magical! Instead of one of the science sessions this afternoon, the kids will be treated to an afternoon of tubing in that fresh snow! What a treat. 

I will continue to post photos that the teachers are sending me. I know how much they mean to all of you and reassure you that the kids are truly OK. 

With the driving conditions being tenuous at best, I am going to delay MY trip up until tomorrow morning - I'll leave right after flag ceremony. The box of items that I will be taking up has continued to GROW throughout the morning. Rest assured your children will get their letters, boots, etc... tomorrow.  Mrs. Kauo is driving up with me and will come home on the bus with Mrs. Donsker's class on Friday.

Until Tomorrow morning -

Mrs. Lyon



Wednesday Update

After a breakfast of French Toast and eggs the kids had survival hikes and snow play. Lunch was meatball sandwiches and was followed by the second of their academic hikes. I loved seeing the kids playful and happy. They are excited about the campfire and s’mores planned for tonight and of course for skit night tomorrow. 

When answering about what their favorite part has been so far I got a variety of answers:

cabin leader (some sing, play guitar)



the FOOD

playing in the snow for the first time