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5th Grade OSS

Parent information can be found at the Ecos Institute Website:


They love the dismissal songs
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Notes from Mrs. Lyon

Tuesday Update

The kids are really having a great time. They LOVE the food, the cabin leaders are terrific at connecting with the kids, and very little homesickness (just a few hugs needed). It is COLD and they've only seen a little snow while on trails. 


Derek surprised the kids with a visit today - they were so excited!


Thursday Update

All of the students' science hikes are completed. They have learned about Ecology, Geology, and Wildlife. They have also had Survival and Discovery Hikes and eaten A LOT OF FOOD! They're even learning to clean up after themselves at mealtimes and in their cabins. Tonight is skit night and then they close their program out with a tribute to their teachers. Tomorrow is breakfast, a hoedown, then a snack before loading the buses at 11am to come back to you!