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Volunteer Policy

CUSD Volunteer Policy

Tier I – Student Contact/Unsupervised Volunteers

These volunteers work directly with students and may have unsupervised contact with students.  These volunteers also include chaperones for overnight fieldtrips, drivers, coaching staff and co-curricular assistants. 

**Please note that Castille requires all field trip chaperones to be Tier 1 Volunteers. The process to become a Tier 1 Volunteer can take up to a month, so please plan ahead if you wish to be considered for a field trip.


     *Acknowledgment of Volunteer Handbook

     *Fingerprint Clearance

     *District-Issued Badge

Tier II – Non Student Contact/Supervised Volunteers

These volunteers serve under the direct supervision of CUSD staff.


     *Acknowledgement of Volunteer Handbook

     *Completion of Volunteer Application

     *Sign-In at Front Office

     *Display School-Issued Volunteer Badge/Sticker

Watch DOGS


To provide additional eyes and ears around the perimeter of the campus which creates a safer school environment.


     *Additional eyes and ears around the perimeter of the campus

     *Involve additional parents on campus in a small role


Tier 2 Volunteer Clearance through CUSD.  Involves Megan’s Law check and completion of a Volunteer Application.

BP 1240 Volunteer Assistance

Volunteer Handbook

Tier 2 Volunteer Form

Watch DOGS Information Sheet